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About Us

Taiga Engineering, LLC is owned and operated by Dan Reichardt, our Civil Engineer, and Amber Reichardt, the office manager.  They are lifelong Alaskans based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Dan has lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for most of his life and graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Engineering Program. He has two decades of experience in Alaska in rural utilities project management, surface water hydrology and drinking water system design, including six years as an engineer for the State of Alaska Drinking Water Program. He is a licensed Professional Engineer by the State of Alaska and is certified by the Department of Environmental Conservation to do sanitary surveys of public water systems.

Amber, Dan’s wife and partner, has a professional background in real estate and nursing. She used to joke that employers should hire Dan to do engineering work and her to organize all the paperwork! We finally got a chance to put this into practice by starting our own engineering firm.